Handmade Japanese Tokkuri(Sake bottle) & 2 Sake Cups of Edo-kiriko (Edo-style cut glass). 


Condition: No damages or scratches , no origninal box.



Sake Bottle - 14cm x 7cm

Sake Cups - 4.5cm x 6cm


Edo Kiriko (江戸切子) is a traditional Japanese glass cutting art that originated during the Edo period. The patterns are carved on the surface of a multi-layered glass, so the users can enjoy both the transparency and the beautiful design.


Because of its delicate beauty and high craftsmanship, Edo Kiriko glasswork has been recognized as one of Tokyo's traditional craftworks in 1985, and also as one of Japan's traditional crafts in 2002.



Edo Kiriko Crystal Glass Sake Set